There is a lot of ignorance surrounding the plight of obesity sufferers in the world today. Many people are of the opinion that they should just stop eating as much and then they wouldn't be so fat. If only it were that simple.

It's a complete myth that obesity sufferers are ignorant, greedy people who can't stop themselves eating junk food or don't know enough about nutrition to fix their diet.

People with obesity tend to know more about healthy and unhealthy eating than most other people, because they've researched it in depth, in an attempt to find out how to cure themselves.

fat loss requires exercise

The problem is that going on a healthy diet will very likely not be enough to lose the weight. When the human body detects a sharp drop in calorie intake, it tells the body to conserve its stores of fat as slowly as possible.

This is an ancient survival mechanism that helped our ancestors survive the long winters in their caves and huts with very little food.

It means that even if an obese individual does turn out to be one of the rare cases in which dietary measures alone get rid of their obesity, it takes a long time.

A much faster and more reliable way to fight one's obesity is to undergo a rigorous diet in conjunction with a demanding physical exercise regime, with the overall goal being to shed weight.

eat in moderation to lose weight

Doing this will have the effect that the body won't just be slowly consuming its stores of fat in response to a drop in food intake; it will be rapidly consuming its stores of fat in order to fuel itself while it undergoes a demanding physical ordeal.

When a lot of exercise and a very low fat, low sugar diet combine, they force an obese body to burn through its stockpiles of fatty tissue at a much faster rate than if the body was only deprived of the excessive amounts of food that caused it to become obese.

A combination of diet and exercise is by far the easiest way to cure obesity.

Personal trainers have a tried and tested process that they put their clients through in order to harness this effect. This process is shown in the infographic you see here, created by the obesity and weight management experts at Discovery Learning.

Personal trainers are always the best health and fitness professionals to employ for people seeking to be cured of obesity, because their skillset covers both physical training and nutrition, unlike a dietician or nutritionist, who would only be qualified to advise about the nutrition.