Every woman needs to have a couple of inexpensive and quick beauty tricks she can utilise at when needed. Here are 3 of them!

#1. Need some softness in your locks, but your conditioner is not enough?

Use a banana, honey, and avocado mask or prepare a self-made hot oil treatment. For the first, you need to mash up all of the ingredients until you have no chunks left. Apply the mixture to your hair and leave in for 40 minutes. Rinse out with warm water, shampoo if necessary, and apply your conditioner of choice.

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If you prefer the second method, warm up several scoops of coconut oil or several tablespoons of olive oil. Make sure the product is hot, but not scalding – you don't want to burn yourself. Apply the oil evenly and generously. Wrap your hair in a plastic bag or use a shower cap. Leave overnight and shampoo in the morning. This simple treatment will leave your locks feathery soft and smooth!

#2. In you want to upgrade your style to trendy yet natural this summer?

Get some homemade organic highlights for hair. The task is pretty easy if you know how properly to utilise the foods found in your cupboard. Raw honey and lemon juice can be very effective if you want your strands to go a couple of shades lighter. For better or worse, the effect is rather subtle but can be increased by the frequent use. Apply either of the products to the areas you want to highlight and let it sit for several hours. If you are opting for lemon juice, try to expose your hair to UV rays. Spend some time sitting in the sun before rinsing the juice out. This method has a slightly damaging effect – it can dry out your locks if used too often.

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Another option is to try out a chamomile rinse. Infuse some leaves for 10-15 minutes and soak the strands of choice. Leave the liquid in for an hour or so and rinse out. You might need to use this rinse several times if you prefer a more noticeable effect.

#3. Lacking shine and lustre?

Grab your bottle of apple cider vinegar and douse your mane with it. Leave the liquid in for 15-20 minutes before rinsing your hair out thoroughly. You don't need to shampoo your locks afterwards. The smell will disappear after half an hour or so. If you don't have apple cider vinegar, you can use the simple white one.

Another option is simply to soak your locks in cold water. The colder you can go, the better. If you struggle with headaches, however, we suggest sticking to the advice numero uno. The low temperature will shrink the blood vessels and negatively impact your health.

These were 3 most important hair-related beauty hacks you will ever need!